Open Source

Why should we share open source “things”?

Years ago, I could find everything about coding in webmaster forms.

You need Web 2.0 styles? Create a post and wait for replies. You need a php snippets? Create a post and wait for replies.

But also you start to feel like you should give replies too and need to create posts to share your knowledge.

The old webmaster forms taught us this feeling: The sharing instinct.

If you want a know/how you should give your know/how. Years later, webmaster forms slowly disappeared because of social media era. Most of them still exist, but they’re not used much. However, the age of social media hasn’t faded our sharing instinct.
We’re started to using Github etc. for getting code snippets and algorithms.
And we shared our code bases, snippets to community.

Because, you have to give the equivalent what you get.

Photo by Markus Winkler

We are using WordPress, Ghost, Jekyll, Hugo etc. for sites. They are open sourced.
We are using ReactJS, VueJS, Angular etc. for front end as open source. When we need an UI component or an algorithm , we’re going to Github and copying the code.

We’re took our code bases, our algorithms, our ideas from others. If this so, we must took the sharing instinct too.

For becoming an open source maintainer you can just create a Github account and a repo for your thing*. Write your docs and share. Even when simple as this 🙂

* UI library, boilerplate, code snippets or algorithms etc.

Sharing open source packages can give you some things.

  1. It forces you to write better code.
  2. It can make you more recognizable.
  3. Version controlling knowledge.
  4. The feel of appreciation. (Even the issues are giving this feels to. 🙂 )
  5. And more…
I hope one day we can see you with us.
(gif: Planet of the Apes)

Some of my open source packages:


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